This is my fourth time using Mark's company. After a telephone consultation with a staff member, Mark and his assistant came by next day on time and efficiently replaced an aged, leaking builder unit with a nice new American Standard unit which looks and work great. Thanks again guys.


Came home from vacation to find furnace broken and pipes frozen and subsequently burst. Mark was extremely helpful and only too willing to co-ordinate with the timing of the replacement furnace to come and fix our burst pipes. Came that day - highly recommend.


My wife and I had called several of the larger plumbing companies that were being advertised to fix a dripping shower, and quickly discovered that the so called plumbers coming to my door were more interested in running up my bill rather than fix the problem at hand.

After talking to some friends and family about the problem, my Father in-law gave me the number for A. McKenna Plumbing so I gave them a call.

That same day I had a young man knock on my door and introduce himself as being from A. McKenna Plumbing, I invited him in he took off his shoes and I showed him the problem. He then assured me that this was an easy fix and went to it.

I am very happy to say that not only was the problem fixed, it cost less than what the larger companies were trying to charge me.

Clean, Courteous, and Professional, I now know who I will call for all my Plumbing needs.

Thanks to all the staff at A. McKenna Plumbing and Renovations.


I have a electronic faucet that was giving me trouble. McKenna showed up the next day at 10:00 AM as we had agreed. After 5 minutes it turned out to be the solenoid. Mckenna ordered the parts from delta and had them installed 3 days later. Very knowledgeable when it comes to electronics. Great job will hire again.


I called A.Mckenna plumbing to install a faucet in my power room, the service was booked and a team arrived the next day to install my faucet. They were clean and did efficient. I would recommend this company. The price quoted on the phone is what I paid. Good Job!


I have used A. McKenna Plumbing for years, 8 to be exact. They have done great work in my house as well as my clients houses. As a Realtor, my clients always ask me for referrals for all kinds of companies to perform work on their homes. I never hesitate to refer A. McKenna Plumbing for all their plumbing needs, and I highly recommend them to you. Thanks for all the great service guys!


Had a leaky hose bib in my backyard I needed fixed and ready for winter. I set up an appointment with A.Mckenna Plumbing between 12-2pm the next day. Plumbers showed up on time at 1:00 pm and fixed the issue with no problems. Replaced a section of pipe, put on a new hose bib and winterized it for me. Quick with no headaches, Great service!


Great Service! Had water come back up from my floor drain so I called A.Mckenna. Within the hour 2 plumbers were at my door, they quickly found what they said to be a clean out. After 40 minutes of using their snake the water had cleared and I was good to go. Very clean and professional, recommending to anyone!


We called A McKenna Plumbing for a hose faucet in our backyard that had been leaking for months. We thought it would be a big job, but the guys showed up and were able to repair the faucet quickly. The price was fair, they showed up on time, and I was able to make it back to work before lunch. We've had a few plumbers come to do repairs in the past, and always felt pressured to do more than what was required. This was not the case with the A. McKenna crew. Honest local guys, reasonably priced. Will call again.


I consider myself a competent handy guy and prefer to do all the repairs in our house. We had a clogged drain that was backing up in our kitchen, a simple fix for me to handle, or so I thought. I plunged it and no more clogged drain, problem solved, two days later the kitchen sink was backing up again. This time I snaked the clogged drain, problem solved. Within days it returned and I was again dealing with a clogged drain, after spending an entire afternoon on it I conceded that I was going to need a plumber.

That evening, my wife anxious to get her kitchen back called Mark the owner of A. McKenna Plumbing in Oakville because she knew him and was confident we could trust him to just fix the clogged drain and not find reasons to add additional charges. Myself, I'm not so trusting, in the past I have gotten estimates only to find the price doubled when the work was done, which is one of the reasons I like to do my own repair work.

The next morning Steve arrived and I was at his side the entire time, he snaked the clogged drain with a commercial snake until the clog was cleared. He was fast, his bill was fair and he didn't mind me looking over his shoulder. Later that day the clogged drain backed up again, Steve returned that evening and the problem turned out to be a little more complex than we thought.

As it turned out whoever installed the plumbing in this 50's bungalow didn't do a very good job, all the joints are 90 degree angles rather than elbow joints limiting the ability of the snake to clear the clogged pipe. He found an access point to the clogged pipe in the basement where he could remove some paneling that could easily be put back rather than cut into the drywall, he was careful and thorough, I appreciated that. When he opened the clogged pipe he discovered a huge nut lodged in it, likely dropped in at the roof by a squirrel. Now it was clear why a temporary fix was achieved each time the clogged pipe was snaked, we had only succeeded in pushing the nut further down.

He cleaned up after himself and was on his way, it was that easy. And what sealed the experience for me is I was not issued a second invoice but instead he apologized that it took two calls before the clogged pipe was ultimately cleared.

I have to admit, it was a pleasure dealing with you guys and I was pleasantly surprised by the integrity of your crew. It is nice to find a company that really takes pride in their work. I wouldn't hesitate to call again and I would recommend A. McKenna Plumbing to anyone!



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