Pipe Inspection

Pipe Inspection

Have peace of mind and know the true condition of your pipes

A. McKenna Plumbing in Oakville, Ontario specializes in the pipe inspection services

Whether your house was built 10 days or 10 years ago, leaks in the pipes are entirely possible and are more likely than you think. These leaks are typically slow and gradual, slow enough to not be easily spotted through stains on the walls or make an easily-followed dripping sound. This makes it very improbable that you or anyone else in your home will realize your pipe is leaking and makes it very probable that damage will increase on the pipe and home-possessions will be damaged.

Damage in the home can sometimes cost thousands of dollars to fix and many usable things will have to be discarded. This scenario is not desirable for anyone involved. Fortunately A. McKenna Plumbing can help you avoid this scenario and prevent it from happening in the future with our comprehensive plumbing inspections.

Using advanced sensing technology, A. McKenna Plumbing's experienced team will inspect the pipes, checking pressure in those both out of sight and within sight. The pressure rating will alert our crew of any potential leaks and allows for us to pinpoint the exact location of said leak. Once it is determined, you can decide who you will enlist to fix your pipes and if it is us - a date will be chosen as soon as possible.

Other pipes may require a small camera or other methods of detection. Whatever is required, our team will be capable of providing a full report on your pipe's conditions and will be able to alert you of any foreseeable problems with our plumbing inspections, saving you time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

For more information on our pipe inspection services, please view our contact page or call A. McKenna Plumbing in Oakville, Ontario. We serve not only Oakville, but also Milton and surrounding areas.

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